Data Management


In line with our business values of integrity and professionalism we’re committed to managing personal data securely and compliantly.

As a recruitment agency we hold a large amount of personal data on our candidates and contractors, so we have adopted guiding principles to ensure everyone across our business understands how sensitive this data is.


GDPR guidance for our clients

Launched in May 2018, GDPR provides us with a great platform to benchmark our data protection policies and processes – and ensure we’re using personal data with the utmost integrity.

You can read all about how we’re managing GDPR within our business in our client briefing update:

GDPR guidance for our candidates & contractors

As an individual you’ll be keen to know that when you give us your personal data we’re managing it in a professional and compliant way.

What is the General Data Protection Regulation?
GDPR is all about giving you as an individual more control over how companies store and use your data. If you’ve registered your interest in NRL supporting your career then you’ll have provided us with the relevant information we need to help you with this. The new GDPR legislation means we must adhere to strict guidelines on how we manage this data, including only storing the minimum information we need to help you secure a new role, and not holding your personal data for any longer than needed.
Where is my personal data stored?

When you register your CV via our website or by email to one of our talented Recruiters we’ll extract the personal details we need to help with your job search – such as your name, email address and phone number – and safely store them in our encrypted database.

How can I see what personal data you hold on me?

You can see what information we hold on you at any time by submitting a subject access request, which we’ll reply to within 1 month of your request.

If you’d like to submit a subject access request please complete the form on our website.

Where can I find your privacy policy?
You can view our privacy policy here.
Looking for more information?
If you have any further questions about how we manage your data, get in touch.