Hinkley Point C

Hinkley Point C will be the UK’s first new nuclear plant in over 20 years, and is expected to be in operation for a 60-year period once construction is complete, making it a true milestone in UK energy history.


About NRL

Established in 1983, NRL has a strong background and experience in the nuclear industry. We work with many of the leading companies in this sector and have recruited thousands of workers for nominated sites across the UK.

We pride ourselves on setting the industry standard in recruitment and compliance services and have successfully supplied these services over 20 nuclear sites across the UK.


The Project

HPC will neighbour the Hinkley Point B (currently in operation) and Hinkley Point A (being decommissioned) power stations on the coast of Somerset in south-west England.

The project will produce enough low-carbon electricity to power around 6 million homes in the UK, as well as generating long-term economic benefits for the surrounding areas.

The HPC power station represents an £18 billion investment by its owner, EDF, and is expected to create in excess of 25,000 new employment opportunities throughout its 10-year construction period.

Available Roles

To apply for a role on the project, please click the link below and submit a copy of your CV.