NRL has an established track record of delivering signalling solutions to clients across the UK. We offer our services on both a fixed price and a labour supply basis.

Signalling Support for Track Renewals

NRL have a proven track record of delivering signalling solutions. Our engineer led management process ensures clients are provided with a knowledgeable, trustworthy and experienced team.

  • Disconnection, reconnection and associated testing for plain line renewals
  • Installation and set-up of new point operating equipment
  • Removal, refitting and testing of Signalling point operating equipment and subsequent SMTH testing, including half and full connections

Signalling Support for Civil Engineering

  • Engineering work to bridges, viaducts, culverts and other structures
  • Production of WPPs, task briefing sheets and SSWOP when applicable
  • Site surveys assessing the Signalling implications, highlighting any potential risks and providing a follow-up service

Certification and Training

All personnel provided by NRL are fully qualified in Signalling disciplines and equipment types, whilst they also all hold IRSE licences. We also provide qualified and experienced assessors to undertake IRSE Workplace Assessments.


We service both short and long term contracts in addition to offering call-out contract services.

Installation Services

We provide principal contractors with Signalling installation teams.


With a supporting network of office locations across the UK, NRL provides full nationwide coverage and support across the country’s rail infrastructure.

Signalling Maintenance

We provide qualified, IRSE licensed workers to cover Signalling maintenance activities. This can either be a stand-alone contract or as supplementary labour to augment an existing maintenance regime.

Special Inspection Notices (SIN)

We supply services for the management and delivery of any SIN, assisting Network Rail or their sub-contractor with compliance deadlines.

To discuss your rail requirements or for further information please contact our team at the Grangemouth office on +44 (1324) 625 231 .