Contracts Engineer

Vacancy ID: 123847
Created Date: 08.11.2019
Job Title: Contracts Engineer
Salary Competitive
Temp or Perm: Permanent Role
Region: North East
Sector: Construction
Consultant: Adelle Sidney
Consultant Phone: 0191 415 3300

Job Description:
Contracts Engineer – North East


A Contracts Engineer assignment is expressly for carefully and accurately measuring and recording all aspects that can affect the costs of a project under construction; this could involve the direction of subordinate staff similarly assigned.


The duties of Contracts Engineer (not listed in precedence) are as set out below but also include any other reasonable task as directed from time to time to suit the needs of a particular project or other requirements.

  • The duties of Contracts Engineer are as set out below but also include any other reasonable task as directed from time to time to suit the needs of a particular project or other requirements.
  • Complies with specific requirements of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) relating to Contracts activities in particular SOP’s 403,404.
  • Maintains comprehensive subcontract files.
  • Maintains summary records of Site Work Orders, Dayworks, Measurement, Certificates, Invoices.
  • Maintains records of contractors' resources, i.e., supervisory personnel, labour and plant.
  • Maintains a diary of events, such as delays, weather, labour problems, etc, which affect the subcontract.
  • Monitors correspondence from the contractors, in a particular Delay Notices to ensure that a written reply is issued by the appropriate person.
  • Records any action, in-action, event, etc that may affect the cost of a subcontract, advising the contractor in writing as deemed necessary.
  • Attends meetings and prepares notes of meetings.
  • Establishes and maintains a working understanding with the supervisory staffs of Jacobs and contractors to secure a co-operative relationship for the measurement of quantities and progress.
  • Maintains cost records and assists with preparation of Contract Cost Reports, in particular with respect to forecasting final expected costs.
  • Checks subcontractors' daywork sheets and in particular ensure that the relevant Jacobs personnel have authorised the contents.
  • Prepares and obtains a contractor's agreement to site measurements and prices resulting from variations to drawings.
  • Prepares draft Site Work Orders for variations.
  • Measures and prepares valuations in conjunction with contractors' staff and checks contractors' payment applications prior to tabling for signature by the Project Manager.
  • Formulates and agrees additional rates based on those in the contract.
  • Understands the significance of allowing contractors to undertake additional work without first reviewing the contractual and cost implications.
  • Checks that extras claimed by contractors are not already included in their contract and acts accordingly.
  • Carries out site measurement of items covered by Provisional and Prime cost sums.
  • Alerts the Project Manager and the Contracts Administrator of potential "claims" situations and recommend action.
  • Analyses claims, prepares reports and provides copies of back-up documentation.
  • Assists with "claims" negotiations
  • Checks contractors' contract price adjustment claims ie. formula calculations and indices or net cost detail sheets.
  • Arranges for the recovery of back-charges and ensures that full support details are available.
  • Checks estimates prepared by contractors.
  • Evaluates specific contractual problems and recommends course of action.
  • Keeps the Contracts Administrator fully informed at all times.
              Whats in it for you:  

              9 to 12 months contract at a competitive rate


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