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  • Woking leads the way with town regeneration


    With towns across the UK beginning to put plans in place to revive their high streets, Woking are leading the way with their ambitious regeneration plans.

    Director Daniel Redmayne leads NRL’s Woking branch, positioned directly in the town centre, giving him a birds-eye view of the changing landscape. He discusses the developments below.


    The Woking regeneration plan is precisely what the town centre needs. Along with the much-anticipated construction work comes a sense of excitement and intrigue from local residents and businesses – Woking is heading towards a bright future, and it’s a great time to be a valuable part of the community.


    What is changing in Woking?

    Visitors to Woking recently would have found it difficult not to see the dramatic changes happening, both on the ground and in the sky.

    The Victoria Square development is now well underway and growing up into the skyline as each month passes. It’s great to see this mixed-use construction project taking shape, and it’s creating quite a buzz in the branch as colleagues pass it as they make their way to our recruitment branch on Church Street West each day.

    Image: Victoria Square, Woking Council

    Managed by Sir Robert McAlpine, once complete in 2020 the development will bring new restaurants, retail and leisure facilities – as well as a new Hilton hotel.

    To support this investment, Woking Council are making road improvements to the town centre under their Integrated Transport Project – creating a one-way system for public transport and cyclists to help the town centre flow.


    Making Woking a great place to live

    Finally, I’m pleased to see a number of new housing opportunities being developed in the town centre, helping position Woking as a strong residential location not just for London commuters, but for local companies to secure new talent to drive their businesses forward.

    Plans for Victoria Square include two residential towers providing 400 new apartments. Woking Gateway, a second mixed-use development adjacent to Woking Station, will provide an additional 470 apartments for sale and rent.


    Make Woking your next career move

    As a recruitment agency, we’re excited to see the new opportunities that this regeneration is bringing into the town. Whether you’re looking for a short-term project to boost your CV, or a long-term career move give the NRL team a call to discuss our latest roles on 01483 369 240 or email [email protected].