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  • Why do we champion women in engineering?


    23rd June 2019 is International Women in Engineering Day where each year companies and organisations champion the great work being undertaken to promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers for women.


    What does the current landscape look like?

    WISE – The campaign for gender balance in science, technology, and engineering has set a goal – to see 1 million women in core STEM roles by 2020.

    2018 figures identified 908,318 women in STEM occupations, a great increase from the 700,000 reported in 2014.

    Whilst these figures seem promising though, it’s important to put them into perspective. As a percentage of the total STEM workforce, women make up just 22%.


    More than just one day

    The Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE) report that just 25.4% of young females would consider a career in engineering and only 11.7% of females aged 16-19 want to become an engineer.

    It’s clear to see that whilst companies and recruitment agencies must ensure they source as diversely as possible to attract more women into roles  – much more needs to be done at an early age to make a career in engineering attractive to women.


    NRL Egremont support a work ready day at Cockermouth School

    NRL’s Egremont recruitment team recently visited year 12 students at Cockermouth School as part of their ‘work ready’ day, hosting an interview workshop


    How can you play your part?

    If you’re a woman in an engineering role, consider using your role as a talking point to champion the industry.

    If you want to get involved in raising awareness of the great career opportunities for women in engineering then use your voice to show why you enjoy the industry so much.

    Organisations such as the Women’s Engineering Society, National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) and WISE facilitate local groups and events which you can get involved with.

    Sign up to their newsletters to find local activities and speak to colleagues within your business to see if your company supports any STEM campaigns.


    International Women in Engineering Day