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  • What does NRL think about apprenticeships?

    NRL_Recruitment_Consultants_Knowledge_Hub_Apprentices_What_Does_NRL_Think_About_Apprenticeships_BannerApprentices aren’t the only ones who get to have a say about their apprenticeship. Employers have a lot to consider when bringing a new apprentice into the company, and the members of staff who mentor them have a big input too. We decided to ask some of them what they thought about the apprenticeship programme.


    • What are your thoughts on apprenticeships?

    “I believe that the apprenticeship programme has helped NRL introduce fresh, determined and hard-working staff members into our team. Our apprentices learn new skills on a daily basis and put them to good use working alongside their colleagues. It’s a fantastic relationship – apprentices who work at NRL get to improve their skills and make an impact at the company and we gain a valuable member of staff.”

    -Karen Atherton, Divisional Manager


    • What kind of job roles do you recruit apprentices for and what do these jobs involve?

    “Over the years we have recruited a variety of apprentices for many different roles within the company. Our administration apprentices ensure that everything behind the scenes moves smoothly, marketing apprentices who work to help our brand stand out from the rest and our payroll team who ensure that all our contractors are paid on-time.”

    -Stephen Baldwin, Marketing Team Leader


    • Do you feel like hiring apprentices has benefitted the company?

    “Hiring apprentices has been a big help to NRL as they offer us their full commitment towards growing the company. We believe that with the right training and support an apprentice can go on to achieve the career goals they desire. At NRL they have the opportunity to develop their skills in a working environment and possibly even be offered a permanent contract at the end of their apprenticeship.”

    -Louise Hendry, Training Coordinator


    • What skills do you think an apprentice needs to develop?

    “Our apprentices have the benefit of getting to work alongside other skilled members of staff who can give them advice and guidance on how to improve. Being in the workplace is also very useful for learning and building upon key skills such as time-keeping, project management and working as part of a team.”

    -Wayne McCarron, Credit & Compliance Manager


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