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  • Top Tips for Contacting Recruiters on LinkedIn


    LinkedIn is an extremely useful tool that recruiters can utilise to reach active job seekers. It is a platform used to network, keep up-to-date on industry news and source candidates to fill vacancies. Despite all of its benefits, LinkedIn can be detrimental to a candidate’s job search if they approach recruiters in the wrong way.

    Here are five mistakes to avoid when approaching a recruiter on LinkedIn:

    1. “Can you help find me a job?”

    This tends to be one of the most common requests a recruiter will receive and it is a common misconception. A recruiter’s role is not primarily to find a job for a candidate but to find a candidate to fill a role within a client organisation or project. Though recruiters can offer their advice it is vital to understand that a recruiter is not above all a ‘job finder’.

    2. “Do you have any openings that fit my profile?”

    In order to strengthen this type of approach, it would be beneficial as a candidate to find out more information about available vacancies before approaching recruiters in this way. Be sure to specifically target openings that correspond to your skill sets and interests. It is important to remember that teams of recruiters are assigned to different sets of vacancies; it is impossible for you to know who is responsible for which position so be patient with the recruiter and they will put you in touch with the correct decision-maker.

    3. “Can you look over my CV and send me your feedback?”

    If recruiters accepted every request to look over a CV it is likely that they would never get any other work done. CV writing is a time-consuming task and often requires a two-way conversation in real time to generate the level of detail needed to make a candidate application stand out. It is not in a recruiter’s job specification to look over CVs however, at NRL, we understand that they can be difficult to get right. Please see our CV preparation blogs for handy tips and advice.

    4. “Can you please send me John Doe’s email address/phone number?”

    LinkedIn members have the ability to make their contact details available to the public if they so wish. If this is not the case then it is not appropriate to ask for said person’s details from contacts of theirs. Instead, candidates should use the ‘Get Introduced’ feature which enables you to message your target contact without needing an email address.

    5. “Can you endorse/recommend me?”

    Recruiters actively network and are open to meeting new contacts. However, if a recruiter has had limited to no contact with you it would be unsuitable to ask for them to recommend you. Recommendations must be credible to have any weighting; co-workers and clients are much better suited to providing this type of feedback.

    So how should you contact a recruiter?

    “I’m interested in a role at Company X and would like to apply for position #0000. Would it be possible to set up an interview?”

    This type of direct contact is the most likely to get a valuable and timely response that will mutually benefit both the recruiter and you as the candidate. It is important before sending messages such as this that you thoroughly check a recruiter’s profile and do not contact them in regards to a previous employment.

    Each week at NRL we post a selection of this week’s best vacancies on our Jobs of the Week page. If you are interested in any of these vacancies and would like to get in touch with us please visit our LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ or Facebook pages or alternatively contact us via our website.