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  • Four essential things to do when you arrive at your international assignment


    When you step off the plane in a new country days before starting your new role, it can feel a little overwhelming. We take a look at the first four essential things you should do to ensure a smooth transition.


    1. Lean on your local meet and greet

    When taking up a new international assignment you’ll be able to request a meet and greet service on arrival. They’ll pick you up at the airport and take you to your accommodation.

    Make sure you use their time wisely by asking them to take you on a guided tour of the local area. Remember to locate all the essentials you’ll need in your first few days such as stores to purchase food and bottled water.


    1. Purchase a mobile phone

    Continue using your UK mobile phone contract and you could incur an extremely expensive bill. Many contracts will charge extra for data usage overseas, so it is often more cost-effective to buy a phone from a local network provider.


    1. Download a language app on your phone

    If you don’t understand the native language then download a mobile app as soon as you’re settled to learn some of the key phrases. Using them in shops and when you meet your new team will show you’re willing to adapt to your new location.


    1. Get to grips with local transport

    Think about you’ll get to work – what will be your route? If you’re close enough and the weather isn’t too hot you may opt to walk to work. If you’ll need transport what local services are there, and how much will it cost you?

    You may want to hire a car for the duration of your contract so you can explore the area. If so you’ll also need to familiarise yourself with the rules of the road to avoid any unwanted penalties.



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