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    At NRL we operate a ‘culture fit’ policy and ensure that we not only match our candidates’ skills to an appropriate role where they can add value but we also provide support throughout their placement. We uphold our roles as industry specialists by always ensuring that our candidate’s needs are met throughout their entire careers. Our support and guidance stems from graduation all the way to retirement.


    What do NRL do to support you throughout your career?

    1. Help you secure that first job:

    It is no secret that getting a job after you have finished college/university can be difficult, especially when everyone wants you to have applicable work experience. It can feel as though no one will allow you to prove yourself and gain the sort of experience necessary to progress within your chosen industry. NRL are dedicated to providing support to our candidates across a variety of sectors including rail, oil and gas and nuclear.


    2. Helping you to make a change in your career path:

    After years of working in similar roles it can be a daunting prospect to alter it now. Despite this it is a decision that a lot of our candidates say they have made for the better. More training courses, apprenticeships and grants are being given out to small businesses across the UK showing the increasing trend for this type of move.

    All career aims are achievable if you have the right mind set and are willing to do the research. At NRL our recruitment consultants are trained to utilise all of our candidates’ transferable skills when finding a new role to suit them. We offer support and advice on what roles may be available and how candidates can make this transition.


    3. Finding the next big opportunity:

    Working as a contractor can be difficult as you may not know where your next role will be or how long it will last for once a contract or project has finished. At NRL our dedicated account managers are specialists in their disciplines and will work closely with you to find your next role. By offering a ‘culture fit’ policy it means we are able to advise and support them through their search and always act in their best interest. Each candidate will undergo a rigorous interview process and skills testing in order to identify personality traits, long-term aspirations and capabilities. Our ultimate aim is to source a position for each individual where they can add value to a client organisation.

    For our clients this process allows us to act as an extension of their hiring team and ensures that any introductions made will be candidates that are a strong fit for their business.


    Looking to climb the career ladder?

    If you are looking for your next role or have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].