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  • NRL Contractor Wins Supervisor of the Month


    At NRL, we pride ourselves on recruiting people who are specialists in their fields and industry sectors and in ensuring that our clients get the right people for the job.

    Liam Vale was placed into a supervisor position at the Carrington new build power station project in South Manchester and was recognised by one of our clients as being exemplary in his position when he received an award for the ‘best supervisor on-site’.

    Liam’s role involves leading a team of material controllers on the project and although at times his position can be quite demanding Liam always ensures that he delivers a high-level of service to the project which is why he has been recognised with this award.

    Greg Compton, Director of NRL said “Liam first worked for NRL back in 2010 and it has been great to watch his development over that period. I am really pleased that his dedication and expertise has been recognised by the Carrington Power Station Construction Project”.