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  • Investigating the World Cup: How to Build a Strong Team Spirit – Part 6

    NRL_Recruitment_Consultants_Knowledge_Hub_World_Cup_6_BannerAs the semi-finals of the World Cup tournament commence tonight with the Netherlands playing Argentina after Brazil were knocked out by Germany last night in a spectacular 7-1 defeat, we are looking at how employers can go about building a strong team spirit.

    As English poet John Donne wrote ‘no man is an island’ and this is true in any business environment. Whether you are a player in a football team or a consultant in a recruitment business, there is no doubt that at some point you will need assistance from your colleagues. Support can be given either as part of the daily work routine helping one another out to reach a common goal, or during a challenging or crisis situation when you need all of the reinforcement that you can get.

    That is why regardless of your position, status or industry it is crucial to recognise that you are part of a wider team in order for your business to run smoothly. It goes without saying that the minute a member of your team falls victim to the ‘it’s not my job’ mentality you have the formations of a team that is not working practically.

    It’s a Team Effort

    In the football industry players need to work together as a team whether the game is going well or not.  If you throw in the towel too early you may never know what it truly means to succeed.
    If as a team you’re lacking in determination to achieve what you set out to do, it is likely that you will not be taken seriously within your organisation or by the larger community.

    A good example of this was showcased in last night’s game, as although Brazil were losing 7-0 to Germany, they kept on going as a team and managed to grab a small consolation towards the end of the game by scoring a goal against Germany.

    Creating an environment where your teams flourish

    In the recruitment industry it is essential to identify a candidate’s personality traits, capabilities and long-term aspirations early on so that these attributes can be aligned closely to a role that will be suitable for them.

    It is also important to assess whether the candidate will adjust accordingly to the culture of the company where the job is based, as they may have the right skills or experience but they need to be the right person for the team.

    When sourcing a suitable candidate for a role employers should focus on getting the following aspects right to ensure a strong team spirit;

    • Culture Fit – Candidates must fit the culture of your business. Some people are team players and some are not –this can be due in part to personality but may also be down to an individual’s level of training or experience. One person in the team with the wrong attitude can undermine the entire team effort and so it is crucial to hire employees with the right mindset.
    • Communication – As a company it is important to encourage open, honest communication and foster employee interaction as this can often be the key to understanding and achieving the best outcome when faced with a challenging situation. Employers who practice utilising an open approach to communicating in the workplace often find that they have a positive level of synergy amongst their employees.
    • Cultivate – In order to develop or improve teams it is important that the right attitude is emanated by the highest levels of an organisation through its ‘leaders’. Leadership is very much about having a vision, empowering your team to be a part of that vision and providing an environment in which it is easy for the individuals in your team to succeed.

    What Next?

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