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  • Silver position for Paralympic Games hopeful Jonathan Bates

    NRL Wigan recruitment branch supports silver medal winner Jonathan Bates

    Paralympic Games shooting hopeful Jonathan Bates is celebrating winning Silver at the WheelPower National Shooting Championships on 26th June 2018.

    The sportsman, a familiar face to NRL’s Wigan recruitment team colleagues on-site at the Ferrybridge power station in West Yorkshire, beat his previous years’ bronze position to take second place in the shooting competition at Stoke Mandeville Stadium.

    This great achievement is thanks to rigorous training and practice, something that doesn’t come easy with the extensive travel costs and training equipment needed to stay on top form. This training is essential if Bates is to realise his dream of representing his country in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, however cuts to funding means the former construction worker must embark on his own fundraising if his dream is to become reality.

    NRL’s Wigan recruiters are pleased to have been able to support Jonathan Bates to purchase just some of the equipment needed, and wish him the best of luck as he continues to train towards a place on the Paralympic team.


    If you’d like to help support Bates you can visit his Go Fund Me page.