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  • Scotland is a thriving contractor market


    Self-employment has been driving the increase in employment in Scotland, says the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) in their recent Scottish Skills Report [1].

    Director Mhairi Brown who heads up NRL’s Falkirk and Glasgow recruitment branches discusses the opportunities in Scotland to move to the world of contracting.


    The recent report from APSCo provided some enthusiastic reading around Scotland’s strengthening economy and employment opportunities.

    Self-employment was noted as a key driver for improved employment rates, and it’s no surprise given the flexibility and work experience opportunities it offers.

    NRL has worked with self-employed contractors for over 27 years in Scotland and has seen first-hand the advantages contract working can provide.

    With large key infrastructure projects both planned and well underway, there is a wealth of opportunity for engineers and construction professionals to add career-defining contracts to bolster their CV.

    Tapping into renewable energy

    Renewable Energy is an emerging market here in Scotland. With nationally recognised success from recent wind farm builds, several new projects such as Moray East are now on the verge of construction. With several roles required to facilitate the fabrication and construction of projects like these, contractors can really benefit from the offshore wind energy boom. Transferrable engineering and technical skills that can be utilised with very little additional training required, open up even more opportunities to earn a healthy income from short and long-term contract work.


    Thinking about making the move to contracting?

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    [1] APSCo – Professional Recruitment: The Beating Heart of the Scottish Economy