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  • Investigating the World Cup: Putting the Right People in the Right Positions – Part 3

    NRL_Recruitment_Consultants_Knowledge_Hub_World_Cup_3_BannerAs we are coming to the end of the first week of the world cup, we are looking at how the selection of players in one of the biggest football tournaments of the year compares to decisions made by recruitment consultants on a daily basis when they are selecting candidates for job roles.

    The seventh and probably one of the most anticipated matches to take place this week was the game between England and Italy which saw England lose 2-1. Some commentators and reporters blamed the teams defeat on the manager Roy Hodgson’s decision to play Wayne Rooney out of his original centre forward position; putting him instead predominantly on the left and right hand side of the pitch.

    Rooney’s performance during the game received lots of criticism with many commenting that playing as an outside forward was not the best arrangement for him as his skillsets are better placed towards scoring the goals himself rather than working on creating goal opportunities for other players.

    Perhaps Roy Hodgson could take some inspiration for England’s next match from Liverpool’s success at coming second in the Premier League this season. As a team, Liverpool’s achievement was largely attributed to their approach and how the team’s manager Brendan Rodgers used his players effectively putting them in positions that suited their individual skill-sets.

    Players such as Liverpool’s Raheem Sterling and Southampton’s Adam Lallana who have the ability to get through defences and create chances for the team to score a goal can only do so if the rest of the squad plays in a way that enables them to do so. This principle was particularly evident in England’s game against Italy, as although Rooney did make some positive attempts to score a goal for his team he wasn’t in the right position where he could follow through effectively.

    With England preparing to play Uruguay it will be interesting to see if the sports journalists are right in thinking that Hodgson will alter his strategy placing Wayne Rooney back upfront as a centre forward playing behind Daniel Sturridge in a role where he can truly perform to the best of his abilities.

    Placing the right candidates

    Ultimately, from watching the matches played so far in the World Cup tournament, it is evident that for football managers, success lies in their ability to place players into positions that suit their styles. This proposition is fundamentally the same in the recruitment industry as recruitment firms will only be able to flourish if their recruitment consultants can place candidates into roles that suit their skill sets and requirements.

    At NRL, we work closely with both our clients and candidates and operate a ‘culture fit’ policy for both parties. For our candidates this means that we advise and support them throughout their search and ensure that we are always acting in their best interest.

    All of our candidates go through a thorough interview process and skills testing, designed to identify personality traits, capabilities, and long-term aspirations, with our main aim being to find every individual a position in which they can truly develop and flourish at an organisation where they can add value.

    For our clients this means that we act as an extension of the hiring team, ensuring that we only arrange introductions for candidates that are a strong fit for their business.