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  • Renewable energy driving opportunities for business in the North East

    renewable energy opportunities


    The rise in renewable energy projects is driving opportunities for businesses in the North East. Mhairi Brown, Director at technical recruitment agency NRL looks at how companies can address potential skills shortages to engage the best possible workforce and ensure they are capitalising on this growing market.

    We have been supporting engineering. construction and energy companies for over 35 years. so have witnessed first-hand the change in focus to renewables in the energy sector. With the government suggesting renewable energy could provide more than 25,000 jobs in the UK, there’s a great deal of potential for North East businesses to secure a share of this market.

    For many new regional projects, the discussion centres on skills shortages – how can the required expertise be attracted to these projects and into the region?

    Transferable Skills

    Often as recruiters when we look at the required roles to deliver projects, there are many where transferable skills can be drawn on. These include engaging external contractors with the expertise to deliver large infrastructure projects or knowledge of the industry regulations.

    These workers can provide consultative support to businesses and help train their workforce with the required skills to succeed in the renewable sector. For projects in remote locations where businesses struggle to attract engineers to relocate to the area, contract workers can also provide a great way to boost skills during crucial build stages whilst providing sufficient time for businesses to invest in the training required to support long-term maintenance and energy production activities.


    It’s not just construction and engineering companies that can benefit from this rise in renewables. Renewable energy also provides a great opportunity for manufacturing businesses in the North East to benefit from this emerging new revenue stream as well. For manufacturers, new wind farms provide a great opportunity to diversify into new markets. Local fabricators can work in partnership with recruitment agencies to draw on contract workers to support bids for large pieces of infrastructure such as jackets. something they may not have considered tendering for without engaging consultants. Contractors can help advise businesses and help up-skill their workforce to help develop future expertise.

    You can read see the published article here.