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  • Providing a Smooth Journey on the Railway

    NRL_Recruitment_Consultants_Knowledge_Hub_Providing_A_Smooth_Journey_On_The_Railway_BannerNRL supplies grinding services to clients across the UK and we pride ourselves on being able to deliver teams to meet their track maintenance requirements. Our team provides reliable and expert solutions aimed at completing projects on time in a thoroughly safe and compliant manner whilst reducing costs and extending asset life.

    We take into account a number of factors such as track performance, cost and health & safety measures to ensure that we can assist our clients in delivering a dependable, quality experience to their passengers. Over time defects can appear on tracks, significantly delaying the transit time and affecting the overall experience of the user’s journey.

    The grinding service NRL provides alleviates these problems, allowing our clients to save money by extending the life expectancy of a track instead of replacing it entirely and guaranteeing a smooth and pleasant trip for the train operating company’s customers. We can reduce defects such as rail wear, noise pollution from the train passing over the track and the risk of track-caused-derailment due to broken or faulty tracks.

    Keeping our customers and workers safe is a top priority for us at NRL and we always aim to save our clients as much money as possible, all while maintaining our high standard of health and safety measures. To support this, all of our workers are also given in-house safety training in advance.

    Our expertise allows us to carry out thorough track maintenance whilst keeping within budget, delivering the project safely and on time. We assist our clients by performing regular inspection checks, ensuring that our work is carried out to the highest standard. This means train operating companies can run their service efficiently, ensuring that passengers can be pleased that they arrived on-time.

    We continually adapt our business to meet and exceed our clients’ maintenance needs and our experience in the field has allowed us to provide an unmatched service to our customers. Our accomplishments include:

    • 10 years’ continuous work with Network Rail, along with a 100% compliance record in the Ground Support service we provide to them
    • In-house safety training
    • ISO9001 accredited
    • ISO14001 accredited
    • ISO18001 accredited
    • Limited Environmental impact
    • NRL have ground and brought back into specification approximately 18,000 points or crossings
    • Registered with Achilles Link-Up
    • Zero accidents or close calls in 1200 days

    If you would like to learn more about the services we can provide, please take a look at our rail section or contact us directly.