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  • Preparing for the physical challenge – The Four Oarsmen Update

    Social Media Update-07Travelling across the Atlantic ocean non-stop would test even the most seasoned athlete. Train to take on the 3,000 mile challenge whilst holding down your day job though, and the schedule becomes even tougher.

    And it’s that commitment and drive that make NRL proud to be supporting The Four Oarsmen along their ambitious journey. We asked the team’s George Biggar to give us a glimpse into their physical training regime.

    So George, how is the rowing training going so far?

    “The training is going well but it’s had its challenges – busy work schedules have tried their best to get in the way but we’ve really had to focus on our time management and prioritise our workouts to ensure we’re not slipping behind. The easiest way to do this we’ve found is to get your training out the way first thing in the morning, however this isn’t always possible so we have found ourselves sat on the rowing machine, grinding out the miles late at night – great training for the real thing, but not much fun!


    Leading up to this point we have been focusing on our individual weaknesses, whether that be flexibility or strength in a certain area. Now, with 4 months to go, our aim is to bring ourselves onto a uniform training schedule and really ramp things up. We’ve all gained at least a stone in weight but ideally we would like to each put on over 2 stones in weight if we’re to reach our targets, but it has to be the right type of weight, of course! This additional mass will really help to compensate for the 20% bodyweight loss we are expecting during the course of our crossing.”

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