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  • NRL’s Wigan Recruitment Team explains how to get the most out of your CV

    If you’re looking to advance in your career, the obvious first step is to make sure you have created a CV that highlights your key achievements and previous experience. Pulling together the perfect CV can be more difficult than it sounds however, so we asked some of the members of our Wigan recruitment team for their advice.


    Tim Millbank, Senior Recruitment Consultant

    Don’t limit yourself to just having one CV

    Many candidates will create one version of their CV and use that for all jobs they apply to. While this can be ok for many people, candidates who have multiple, slightly altered versions of their CV which are individually tailored to each job they apply for tend to have a much greater chance of being selected to progress for an interview.

    If you’re thinking of applying for a job, be sure to thoroughly read the job description and try to pick out the key things the employer is looking for, and use your CV to show them how you can help them accomplish these objectives. Showing that you’ve gone out of your way to personalise your CV this way can leave a great first impression on an employer.


    Kayleigh Bentham, Senior Recruitment Consultant

    Consider expanding your horizons

    If you are applying for specific vacancies, but don’t seem to be getting any kind of response, you might want to think about a change of industry. You might initially think that there is a lot of work involved in doing so, but you may be surprised by how many of your skills are transferrable over to other sectors.

    Our Wigan recruitment team for example frequently receive roles for the nuclear industry which are suitable for individuals who have worked in other areas such as construction or the wider energy industry. If you haven’t already, feel free to contact us and let us know that you’re on the lookout for roles that suit your skillset.


    Debbie Power, Branch Manager

    Make sure to get a reference when you finish a project

    When you finish your current assignment, be sure to always have a conversation with your employer and request a reference from them. References can be crucial in helping candidates to secure a new role – especially if it comes from a client who is well-renowned in their industry.

    When applying for a new role, be sure to at least add a couple of these in your CV, and try to consider the employer when you are choosing which ones to include – have you worked for other companies or projects similar to theirs?



    Contact our Wigan recruitment team to find your next job opportunity.