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  • NRL raises money for Children in Need

    NRL_Recruitment_Consultants_Knowledge_Hub_Children_In_Need_BannerAs a company, NRL strongly encourages staff members to support charities they are passionate about. In addition to supporting other charities, this year NRL’s Washington branch decided to help support Children in Need by hosting a pyjama day on the 13th November.

    Children in Need is a charity set up by the BBC to support projects for children and young disadvantaged people across the UK. Each year, the organisation hosts its own appeal night which is broadcast on BBC One to help fundraise and support the projects they are a part of and businesses, schools, communities and individuals alike are asked to take part in helping to raise money for the charity.

    For the event, the Washington team came to work in their pyjamas on the 13th and made individual donations into a pot. Altogether, the team managed to raise £40 and so far this year Children in Need has managed to raise an incredible £37,100,687 thanks to everyone who took part in the event, helping them beat last year’s total of £32.6m.

    NRL would like to thank the Washington and everyone else across the UK who helped raise money for Children in Need. To learn more about Children in Need and to see how you can participate, please visit their website.


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