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  • NRL partner with the Royal Voluntary Service

    RVS-Coffee-MorningNRL’s Washington branch were delighted to be given the opportunity to partner with the Royal Voluntary Service. The Washington team will focus their efforts on supporting the Royal Voluntary Service this year by co-ordinating events, raising awareness of the organisation and helping to recruit new volunteers.

    The Royal Voluntary Service provides practical and emotional support to older people across the UK and aims to raise awareness of the issues faced by the UK’s older population, in addition to supporting them.

    NRL actively encourages its staff to give back to local communities by offering them the chance to use a charity day to help volunteer or fundraise for an organisation of their choice. Four members of staff from Washington have already used their charity days to assist the Royal Voluntary Service at two of their coffee afternoons hosted in the North East.

    The events were held in conjunction with Marks & Spencers and were a chance for service users and volunteers to get together and enjoy an afternoon of coffee, cakes and singing. For some people attending the events it is the only time they get to leave their houses, so the service provides a valuable opportunity for them to get outside for a while and socialise.


    The coffee afternoons were a huge success and everyone involved had a great time, including the NRL team who found the event to be a highly rewarding experience.

    NRL will be providing the Royal Voluntary Service with support again in the future to help them recruit more volunteers. The charity currently has a shortage of volunteers and can only survive if they have enough people willing to help support the events. NRL’s Washington branch hopes to be able to swing the tides for this incredible charity using their recruitment expertise.

    For more information on the Royal Voluntary Service, please visit their website.