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  • NRL Apprentices – Jamie Finn, 18

    NRL_Recruitment_Consultants_Knowledge_Hub_Apprentices_Jamie_Finn_BannerNational Apprenticeship week has officially kicked off. Here at NRL we are happy to support the apprenticeship programme and we currently employ a number of apprentices ourselves. Our marketing apprentice Jamie Finn gave us some insider thoughts on what it’s like to work at NRL, why he chose an apprenticeship and what he plans to do with his new skills in the future.

    NRL_Recruitment_Consultants_Knowledge_Hub_Apprentices_Jamie_FinnPictured: Jamie Finn


    Name: Jamie Finn

    Age: 18

    Job Title: Marketing Apprentice


    How long have you been working at NRL?

    I joined NRL back in November and I’ve been working here for 4 months. My apprenticeship is due to end on the 10th of November this year.


    How have you settled into the company?

    I feel like I have settled in very well. I enjoy the challenges I face on a daily basis and my colleagues are all extremely helpful, friendly and willing to lend a hand if I need it. It’s great to work as part of a team and know that you can rely on them when you need to.


    Are there any other apprentices in your office?

    Yes, there are two other apprentices at the Wigan branch – Bradley Smith and Jessica Stenberg. They are both apprentice administrators.


    Why did you choose to pursue an apprenticeship?

    I wanted to focus on learning skills and pursuing a career that actually interests me. I feel that being in a working environment and helping the team has proved much more valuable to me than attending lectures at university.


    Do you enjoy your job? What day-to-day tasks does it involve?

    I really enjoy my job at NRL. I am given varied tasks to accomplish every day and I learn new, valuable skills every single day. I cover all sorts of things on a daily basis, like content writing, design, data analysis and developing my overall marketing skills.


    What are the benefits of doing an apprenticeship compared to studying at university?

    It’s great getting to learn new things by doing them as opposed to just hearing about them. The tasks I am given allow me to learn new skills, develop existing ones, work towards my qualification and make an impact at the company.


    Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

    After the great experience I have had with my apprenticeship so far, I would like to continue learning and gain more qualifications. I also hope that the new things I learn throughout the year and the effort I put in will land me a permanent job at the end of my apprenticeship and I would love to be given more responsibilities and new challenges to face as the years go on.


    Do you feel that your skills are improving thanks to being in the workplace?

    Definitely. I learn new things from my colleagues every day and they always share any helpful tips they have with me. I really appreciate all the help and support I’ve received since I started my apprenticeship and I hope to keep improving my skills throughout the year!


    What piece of advice would you give to someone who is thinking of doing an apprenticeship?

    If sitting down and listening to a lecture for hours doesn’t sound appealing to you I would definitely recommend looking into an apprenticeship. You get to earn a salary, further your education and get hands-on experience with your potential career. I am extremely confident that I made the right decision by choosing an apprenticeship and would encourage all young people to consider taking an apprenticeship role.


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