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  • NRL Apprentices – Bradley Smith, 17 and Jessica Stenberg, 18

    NRL_Recruitment_Consultants_Knowledge_Hub_Apprentices_Bradley_And_Jess_BannerNational Apprenticeship week has officially kicked off. Here at NRL we are happy to support the apprenticeship programme and we currently employ a number of apprentices ourselves. Our apprentice administrators Bradley Smith and Jessica Stenberg gave us some insider thoughts on what it’s like to work at NRL, why they chose an apprenticeship and what they plan to do with their new skills in the future.

    NRL_Recruitment_Consultants_Knowledge_Hub_Apprentices_Bradley_And_JessPictured: Bradley Smith & Jessica Stenberg


    Name: Bradley Smith, Jessica Stenberg

    Age: 17, 18

    Job title: Apprentice administrators


    How long have you been working at NRL?

    Bradley: I have been working at NRL for the past 14 months having started in October 2013, my Apprenticeship is set to end in June 2015.

    Jess: I started working at NRL in July 2014 and I end my apprenticeship in July 2015.


    How have you settled into the company?

    Bradley: I settled in really well with the help of all my colleagues, as I came straight from school I faced many new challenges and have been able to overcome them throughout my time with NRL. 


    Why did you choose to pursue an apprenticeship?

    Jess: I decided that I wanted to pursue a career and also decided that full time education was not for me so I decided that I would apply for an apprentice role.


    Do you enjoy your job? What day-to-day tasks does it involve?

    Bradley: I really enjoy my job at NRL. Throughout my time here, I have gained many additional duties which include: formatting CV’s which are then sent to clients, uploading documents and CV’s onto our database, advertising all vacancies on job-boards and general office duties such as the intercom, ordering stationary and dealing with all mail.


    What are the benefits of doing an apprenticeship compared to studying at university?

    Bradley: Completing an apprenticeship rather than studying at university has many benefits. I am gaining experience instead of studying, earning a salary and also studying qualifications while gaining knowledge of the workplace.


    Do you feel that your skills are improving thanks to being in the workplace?

    Bradley: Definitely, I think my life skills have greatly improved since starting in the workplace as it is a whole different experience than just studying at university. I have also been given a great look at what my future career could be like.

    Jess: I feel that being in a workplace has made my skills improve because I am working alongside my colleagues. I feel like it has an impact on my company because I have grown more confident so that I am able to speak to people and book training.


    What piece of advice would you give to someone who is thinking of doing an apprenticeship?

    Bradley: Go for it, identify the correct apprenticeship for you that has took your interest as you can earn a real salary, improve your life skills and all while studying.

    Jess: I would tell anybody who is looking to do an apprenticeship that it is a great opportunity to develop new skills and also you can gain qualifications while earning a salary.


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