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  • NHS Praise Life-Saving NRL Rail Workers


    The NHS has praised workers from NRL’s Rail division for stopping and assisting the emergency services with saving a motorcyclist’s life on the motorway. As part of their health and safety training, the workers were given the knowledge to enable them to adapt and deal with emergency situations. This training was critical in allowing the rail workers to save the man after he had been injured in a crash.

    Whilst travelling down the A406 motorway on their way to work, four NRL workers noticed a large amount of debris. Upon closer inspection, they realised that there was a motorcyclist amongst the debris who had been injured in a serious collision and was in need of urgent medical assistance. The workers parked their van as a roadblock for the 2 lanes that were obstructed by the debris and left their vehicle to attend to the injured motorcyclist.

    Using the life-saving techniques they had previously been trained in with NRL, the workers managed to keep the driver conscious until the air ambulance arrived. Upon noting that there was insufficient light for the paramedics to work, the NRL workers even set up lighting with their generator and portable lights so that the medics could perform their duties and stayed at the scene until the ambulance departed.

    The men remained professional and calm throughout and were not fazed in any way during or after the high pressure situation. Upon hearing a report of the accident from the Duty Station Officer on-hand, the NHS sent a letter to NRL, thanking the workers and stating that they did an excellent job in performing life-saving skills like keeping the patient’s airway clear and keeping him in neutral alignment.

    Natasha Wills, Assistant Director of Operations East Central, said:

    “On behalf of the London Ambulance Service, I would like to thank [the NRL workers] who stopped to assist the injured motorcyclist. The gentlemen went out of the way to assist with this traumatic incident. Their assistance was greatly appreciated.”

    NRL Rail Director Jim Taylor also commented:

    “Health and safety is a very high priority at NRL. On behalf of NRL I would like to thank the four rail workers who went above and beyond to assist with the situation. We are proud to provide a robust health and safety programme which gives workers the skills and techniques to keep themselves and others safe if a situation such as this one arises.”