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  • New Year, Fresh CV

    NRL_Recruitment_Consultants_Knowledge_Hub_New_Year_Fresh_CV_BannerIt’s a new year and with it comes the opportunity to bring about a fresh start in your career. It’s no secret that establishing a good CV is crucial in securing a new job and a strong resume is an essential part of making a good first impression on potential employers. If you’re looking for a fresh challenge this year, here are some tips for writing a smart CV that will help you secure an interview:


    Take a look back

    It is very important that you build a strong profile for yourself. Employers look for candidates who will leave a lasting impression so sell yourself. Talk about your individual achievements as well as those you have accomplished as part of a team, as these are important qualities which can grab the attention of potential employers. Look back at the skills and responsibilities you have been given over the past year and think about what you have learned from your most recent position.


    Tailor your CV to the job

    Make sure your CV shows recruiters and employers how your previous experience will actually help you with the job you’re applying for by giving them examples of how you might be able to benefit the company. Don’t be too nostalgic either – get rid of any unnecessary details that aren’t relevant anymore. Employers will be able to spot the difference between a CV that’s been copied from years ago and one that’s been tailored specifically to their vacancy.


    Keep it neat

    Overly long CVs won’t do you any good either as employers will simply lose interest so be sure to stay clear and concise. Keep it smart by using a professional font like Arial and utilise bullet points to highlight key information. Be sure to check your grammar as spelling mistakes and typographical errors will make your CV look unprofessional and rushed. Getting someone else to check your CV and inform you if it was easy to read or not can also be helpful and will give you an idea of which areas of your CV need polishing.