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  • Is it best to use multiple agencies or one sole supplier?

    Sole-SupplierWhen making the decision to start a recruitment drive, one key choice a business must make is whether to engage with multiple agencies to supply their candidates or to work with a sole supplier who would manage the whole recruitment process for them.

    While at first glance it may seem like working with multiple agencies is a smarter approach due to a larger talent pool, this actually ends up costing the client more time and money than necessary. Approaching a single agency and engaging in a sole supply agreement can instead result in significant savings for the client, given that their chosen partner has the knowledge, capability and sufficient understanding of the business to source suitable candidates.

    Working through a single partner can improve the recruitment experience in a number of ways. Dealing with multiple agencies tends to put more of a strain on the client, as dealing with a diverse range of preferred suppliers can lead to duplication, confusion and a lack of clarity. On the other hand, a sole supplier provides a centralised structure to work from, paving the way for reduced administration.

    Clients can also expect and look forward to quicker job fills, as the sole supplier will go through the process of identifying qualified candidates, screening them and ultimately sending them through to the client to interview them, ensuring that they complete all the necessary steps throughout the process. This also leads to a greater degree of engagement between the two parties, allowing them to both effectively work towards a common goal.

    The ability to engage in constant communication with their recruitment partner means that the client is also complimented with a greater degree of transparency and compliance from the sole supplier, who ensures that the recruitment process is carried out in accordance with legislative standards.

    Ultimately, the sole supplier model enhances the client’s experience across all areas, allowing them to increase productivity, work more efficiently and rest assured knowing that all quality standards are being met.

    NRL delivers expertise at work and we have a track record of providing effective sole supplier solutions for clients such as Tenet and URENCO Nuclear Stewardship. If you are interested in engaging in a sole supplier agreement with NRL, please feel free to contact us.