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  • The next generation of Malawi rugby stars receive new kits thanks to NRL

    NRL_Recruitment_Consultants_Malawi_Rugby_KitsNRL were delighted to grasp the opportunity to work in partnership with a number of sponsors who shared their passion for sport and the impact it can have on children’s development to help deliver new kits to boys and girls rugby teams in Malawi.

    NRL teamed up with one of England’s leading schools, St. Anselms, to provide the sports kit and arrange for it to be couriered from the UK to the landlocked African country of Malawi. The kit was donated to some of Malawi’s junior rugby teams, enabling the local children to get involved in the sport and assisting Malawi Rugby Development at the real grass roots level of the game.

    NRL were thrilled to receive these fantastic images of the next generation of Malawi’s rugby stars posing for pictures in their newly acquired kits following their first rugby tournament in their new gear. The children look delighted with their new equipment, helping them to look the part, and held signs thanking NRL and the Redmayne family (shareholders of NRL) for the donation.