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  • Looking After Your Health


    The health and well-being of our candidates is a top priority. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide ‘Expertise at Work’ by ensuring that all candidates placed are medically fit and can perform their roles to their full potential.

    Whilst our candidates are working abroad we conduct regular health checks to reduce the risk of fatal or debilitating illnesses and diagnose any pre-existing health issues before they deteriorate. It is in all of our candidate’s best interests to protect themselves with the recommended vaccinations before travelling to high-risk areas. Most travel vaccinations that protect against common diseases – such as hepatitis A and cholera – are available for free on the NHS.



    In cases where the vaccination is not covered by the NHS the candidate will be responsible for deciding whether or not they feel the inoculation is necessary – if so they must source this privately. NRL may be able to cover the costs of vaccinations against high-risk diseases, however, several factors must be taken into consideration when calculating the costs. These are:

    • The country/countries the candidate is due to visit – diseases are more or less common in different countries
    • When it is the candidate is travelling – diseases can be more common at certain points during the year e.g. rainy seasons
    • Where the candidate is staying – diseases may be at a higher risk in urban areas rather than rural areas
    • How long the candidate will be staying for – the longer the stay the greater the risk of exposure to disease
    • The candidate’s age and health – these factors can alter the vulnerability of a candidate
    • What candidates will be doing during their stay – for example whether a lot of time will be spent outdoors

    Alongside vaccinations we can provide, if necessary, malaria clothing and curative kits.

    If a candidate ever became critically ill whilst working abroad or had a medical emergency we are medically insured and have the ability to evacuate workers quickly and efficiently if required.


    Travel and Repatriation Cover:

    Acclimatising to living and working in a foreign country can adversely affect the health of candidates and cause sickness in some cases. Our candidates are experts in their fields but mistakes can happen in any workplace. At NRL we understand this and so have invested in travel and repatriation cover which protects all of our contractors out on assignment. This provides peace of mind to our candidates and ensures that if they ever have a medical emergency whilst employed through us their medical costs will be covered. Emergency transport is also provided if a candidate needs to be evacuated to receive full medical care and if necessary individuals can be repatriated back to their place of origin.

    Emergency situations are unlikely to occur but by having these procedures and insurances in place we can ensure that if a situation does arise it can be dealt with efficiently to reduce any distress for the individual and their family.