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  • Careers advice from NRL’s women – International Women’s Day


    With research suggesting only 8% of workers in the engineering field are female[1], encouraging women into this sector has never been more important.

    As women across the world celebrate International Women’s Day we speak to females from across our business to ask for their advice for women looking to develop their career or successfully find the right business to support their growth.




    Managing a full time job whilst juggling a family can often be challenging. What advice would you give to working mums when considering new roles?

    “Maintaining a good work life balance for any working mam is hard, it needs a lot of organisation and planning. What I find makes it easier is being in a role that offers flexible working arrangements to encourage this balance.

    Having a supportive team around you that you can be open and honest with and that will make you laugh will make those difficult days & sleepless nights that every parent experiences bearable.

    Most importantly though look for a company to work for that has a strong history of developing women’s careers – proving you can be a successful working mam.”




    What advice do you have for women aiming for leadership positions?

    “Luck favours the brave, so take every opportunity that presents itself – being ambitious and knowing exactly what you want to achieve will help you stay focused. It may be a cliché but there are no shortcuts to success – to achieve it you’ll need to work hard and most importantly believe in your own abilities.

    Seek out a good mentor, and be open to any critique they may have which will help you improve. Every successful person has failed many times along the way, but if you take a lesson from each failure it will yield a great return.

    Crucial to success though is working for a company that you believe in, and who in return believes in you – and remembering the 3Ps – Passion, Performance and Persistence.”




    What advice would you give to women trying to break into engineering and technical fields?

    “Whether you’re a woman or man, your success in the engineering or tech industry is going to come down to the same factors: Are you really good at what you do? Can you get the job done? And, perhaps most importantly, who are you and can you understand the people you work with?

    The culture of today’s companies is collaborative and flexible. The power of influence will take you much further than the power of authority.

    The engineering and tech fields are not just for men – you shouldn’t let the male-dominated classrooms and job positions discourage you from entering these fascinating fields.

    Key factors to success; Earn respect, Be Yourself, Be aware of others and Know your stuff.”




    You’ve recently returned to university to study for a masters. What advice would you give women considering taking up a formal qualification alongside their full-time job?

    “Choose a company which supports career development and if the opportunity comes along take it! If your course aligns with the role you are in it will support what you do on a daily basis.

    Be strict with your time outside of work, there are no magic shortcuts, we all have the same amount of time in the day it’s up to you how you use it. You will need to revisit your priorities and be prepared to make sacrifices. Learn to be creative with when and where you study; listen to an audio book whilst driving to a meeting, write a report when you take the children swimming, or set your alarm an hour earlier.

    I am lucky in that I work for a Manager who encourages learning and I have a supportive team around me which only helps the process. The value of being able to step away from the office at times, mix with a diverse group of people in a stimulating environment can only enhance your own self development. “