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  • International Mobilisation Services


    At NRL we are able share our expertise on a range of geographic locations and cultures as well as providing professional mobilisation advice. Our experience comes from handling projects across demanding, remote locations in West Africa and Asia to more mature and fast-paced markets elsewhere. We pride ourselves on being specialists in our industry. This means we ensure that all of our clients are fully equipped with the knowledge they need to work confidently in a new location.

    What do NRL do to make mobilisation a straightforward procedure?


    1. Provide cultural adaptation and acclimatisation guidance

    We understand that it can be hard to adjust to working and living in a foreign country. Immersing yourself in a foreign culture can be a testing part of an international assignment as working in a country where the social environment is entirely different from what you are used to can cause a culture shock. Feeling disorientated, anxious or surprised is normal when acclimatising to living and working in a new country and NRL provide a fully integrated service to ensure the comfort and support of our candidates and clients. Our International Mobility specialists are highly experienced and passionate about what they do.


    2. Effectively manage threats, security risks and exposure to our candidates

    Managing threats and ensuring candidate safety is of paramount importance to us. In order to effectively manage these threats we identify any potential risks and their severity as well as ascertaining how to diminish them. One of NRL’s core values is openness, to uphold this we guarantee to be honest with our candidates and inform them about the destinations they will be travelling to and any potential risks.


    3. Make obtaining working authorisation a more streamlined process

    By building strong relationships with a range of embassies and overseas employment administration bodies we can be sure that our candidates can obtain working authorisation irrespective of their nationality. At NRL we work alongside our candidates to minimise any potential difficulties involved in the visa application process. By working as a partnership with our candidates we can effectively shorten the mobilisation period and ensure the process runs as efficiently as possible.


    4. Conduct all the necessary checks to make sure our candidates are fit and able to travel

    We have a number of pre-employment checks that are completed prior to our candidates beginning work on a project. Medical checks are carried out when required to certify that each candidate is medically fit and able to fulfil their role. Drug and alcohol tests may also be undertaken when required. Regular background checks are completed on candidates to ensure that everything is as it should be and that they will be a reliable workforce for our clients.


    5. Explain to candidates what the tax implications are of moving and working abroad

    Strict laws dictate the tax implications of any money a candidate may earn when working abroad; these rules can often be unclear. All candidates are classed as UK residents until they have worked abroad for one tax year or more. If after working abroad for a full year a candidate is still classed as a UK resident (an individual that spends 183 days or more in the UK during a tax year OR returns to the UK for an average of 91 days for visits) then all earnings are ordinarily taxable in the UK. When a candidate may be liable to pay tax in more than one country it may be possible to claim some tax relief. To assist our candidates and ensure they receive the best possible advice on tax and finance we have created a preferred suppliers list (PSL). These suppliers have undergone our compliance audit process and we are confident that any advice they give will be professional and supportive.


    6. Co-ordinate candidates’ travel arrangements according to clients’ needs

    As part of our service we are able, if requested, to arrange suitable transportation for mobilisation or demobilisation of our candidates. Our teams at NRL have established connections with travel providers and can arrange transportation as needed. We are here to ensure that the mobilisation process is as straightforward as possible for everyone involved.