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  • Investigating the World Cup: How to Handle Pressure – Part 7


    As the World Cup 2014 has now drawn to a close, with Germany beating Argentina 1-0 to take the trophy in a nail biting finale, we take a look back at how the pressure of situations such as these – and the techniques that players use to handle this – can be applied to the world of recruitment.

    No one is immune to the feeling of stress no matter what industry you are involved in, but it is the way that you handle yourself in high pressure situations that can mean the difference between success and failure.

    The German and Argentinian players are no strangers to feeling under pressure as the entire world focused on them in the run up to the final. We can, however, learn from the way in which the two clubs approached this challenging situation – one as a team and one relying solely on the skills of their ‘star player’. The subsequent outcome speaks for itself.

    Joachim Löw’s team worked together as a fluid and cohesive unit, taking criticism on the chin and supporting each other. Their team spirit allowed them to remain strong in extra time as Schurrle assisted Germany’s new national hero Mario Götze in the goal that would win them the cup. Alejandro Sabella’s team on the other hand focused solely on their footballing hero, Lionel Messi, to win the final single-handedly. The pressure, it seems, got too much for Messi as he was awarded a free kick in the closing minutes of extra time but could not deliver the result they needed to take them to penalties.

    Handling pressure as a recruiter:

    The world of recruitment is not exempt from the effects of pressure. As a recruitment consultant you are expected to handle a variety of different challenges that may prove stressful:

    • Working to tight deadlines– In this industry you are expected to work under strict time frames, it is important that you do not take on more than you are capable of and always ask for assistance from team members if you feel that you cannot meet a deadline alone. This ensures that your clients will never be left disappointed.
    • Sourcing suitable candidates – In order to retain clients and ensure that your service is of the highest quality it is important to only recommend candidates that are a good fit for the position. This requires in-depth industry knowledge and an eye for detail as well as the determination needed to make a placement.
    • Last minute drop outs – It is easy within a recruitment role to become emotionally involved with your work. Last minute drop outs can feel extremely disheartening if it seemed like a done deal. In this situation it is important not to let any frustration or disappointments get the better of you but to remain courteous to all parties and begin your search afresh.
    • Don’t expect perfection – Recruiters are similar to footballers in the way that they put pressure on themselves to perform and to always get a result. It is important not to expect perfection from yourself, mistakes can often result in a better outcome if you take the ‘try and try again’ approach to your work.
    • Competition – Don’t internally compete. Competition is only healthy against rival companies. At NRL, our consultants strive to work together to ensure that we find the best candidates for our clients and always deliver ‘Expertise at Work’.

    Are you looking to put your skills to the test?

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