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  • How the women’s World Cup can motivate contractors


    With the tournament over and the USA holding the trophy, the England Women’s Football team will have a few years to wait before their chance at glory arrives again. Although it was not a total success, the England women’s thrilling campaign showed us things we can learn from and apply to our own careers – in particular, motivation.

    England’s cup run did not look to be off to a great start after a defeat to France in the group stages, but the women’s team pushed themselves to make amends in their next match against Mexico, winning 2-1 against the Central-American side. Most contractors can probably relate to and admire this approach – perhaps a contractor is not happy with their job, but that doesn’t mean they won’t try their best at it, as it may earn them more opportunities in the future. In this case the situation is different but the concept is the same: the contractor is motivated to perform to the best of their ability as they know it will help progress their career.

    Much like every member of England’s women’s football team who has their favourite position, contractors who enjoy and have a passion for the role they are in also tend to perform better and progress faster in their careers. As such, our recruiters always try to place the right contractor in the right position so that they feel comfortable in their role and challenged to improve. We know that contractors appreciate a challenge as it gives them something they must work towards to achieve.

    England’s World Cup did end in tragedy, however, as they were knocked out in the semi-finals after an own goal in injury time against Japan ruled them out of the tournament. The women then lifted their heads and their spirits once more to beat Germany 1-0 in the third place play-off. This was perhaps their most inspiring moment of the tournament – despite missing out on the grand prize, the Women’s Team showed their pride for what they do and made the most of a disappointing end to their World Cup.

    This inspiring act sends a message to contractors – they can take the same principal and apply it to their own careers by being the best they can be in their current position or by constantly striving for the opportunity to work on bigger and better projects. If you’re a contractor looking for your next big project, visit our vacancies section for our latest roles available or our Jobs of the Week to choose from our highlighted range of exciting opportunities.