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  • Happy staff means happy clients

    Long-serviceeAt NRL, we’re keen to reward our staff and celebrate their hard work and achievements on a regular basis. It’s one of the reasons why we’ve introduced additional rewards for long-serving members of staff. Whenever a member of our team reaches 10, 15, 20 or 25 years of service, we reward them with a holiday at a destination of their choice, as well as food and drink contributions to make sure they’re well looked-after.

    We do this because we believe that by showing our staff that we value them, they can continue to provide an excellent service to both our clients and candidates. It means that we’re not just proud to have them here – they’re proud to be here, too.

    Last week, we announced a long-service achievement courtesy of Rachel Fenwick from our Washington branch. We were delighted to see that Phil McGuire, one of our long-time clients, agreed with our method of taking care of our staff:


    “That’s why NRL are top of their Premier League table – great staff, long service demonstrates loyalty works both ways! Well done Rachel.”

    – Phil McGuire

    Our clients like us taking care of our staff, as the dedication and commitment shown from our teams is one of the main reasons why our clients maintain strong working relationships with us for so long.

    So far, we’ve received a great response to the new benefits we’ve introduced to our employees, and we hope our clients look forward to receiving the best treatment possible from a team of recruiters at the top of their game.