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  • Find a Job Using Social Media

    How to Find a Job Using Social Media

    Networking can be a great way to find a job so if you’re not doing so already, then make sure it’s an integral part of your job searching. Our lives are permanently switched on to social media and there are many ways that you can use it to your advantage.



    If you are not already registered on LinkedIn, this should be your first task. LinkedIn is the best social media platform to engage with business professionals. Once you have set up your account and profile you can connect with your current colleagues and people you have worked with in the past. It’s a great way to share your resume online, to find out about upcoming jobs and for employers to review your experience.

    If you have a specific company that you would like to work for, make sure you’re following them to see their latest job vacancies. Don’t forget to connect with recruiters too, so you can see the roles they’re working on.

    Make sure your profile is complete, so you’re ready for recruiters and companies to see everything you have to offer potential new employers. You can also ask previous employers or colleagues to recommend you and act as referees for your work ethic and capability – as the more you have on your profile the more potential employers can find out about you.

    Don’t be afraid to say if you have been made redundant, as it’s no longer a taboo subject – remember it’s the role that is being made redundant, not the person. Think about posting a LinkedIn update letting your connections know you’re on the look out for your next role – but be careful to ensure you’re not negative about your previous employer, remembering that it will be seen by recruiters and potential new employers.

    LinkedIn’s Jobs section lets you search for vacancies companies have posted directly on LinkedIn. You can find out more about each role and often apply easily using your LinkedIn account details.



    Many recruitment companies have Twitter accounts set up to automatically post new jobs created on their recruitment management system.

    This could be a great way to see all the roles in one place, and be one of the first to submit an application for a hot new role.

    You can follow NRL’s job twitter feed here: @NRLJobs



    If you are looking for a job, a quick status update on Facebook might do you some favours. For example you could say something along the lines of “If anybody hears of work on a local construction site, please bear me in mind. I have an up-to-date CV that I can send to you and I am also available to come for an interview, if required.” Always keep upbeat about your situation and take the time to thank everyone who shares your post to try and support you.

    Facebook also has a jobs section, which could help you identify local, short-term work.


    Keep It Professional

    No matter how you use social media to find a job always remember to keep it professional. Use positive and upbeat language, be mindful when contacting people and keep your profile updated on LinkedIn so that it always looks appealing to any prospective employers.

    Once you’ve secured your next role, make sure you update your LinkedIn profile and share a post letting everyone know the great news.