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  • NRL contractor receives exemplary feedback on her performance


    At NRL we pride ourselves on recruiting people who are specialists in their industry sectors and in ensuring that our clients get the right people for the job.

    Communication is a top priority within our recruitment services with both our clients and candidates as it ensures that we build strong relationships with both parties. As part of this process we provide a high level of aftercare by gathering regular feedback to establish that the onboarding process is managed effectively.

    Julia Thomason has been working as a contractor for NRL since November 2012. In November 2013 Julia was repositioned from Irlam to Daresbury Park to assist with the B41 contract which saw Sellafield, Bechtel and Cavendish integrated into a new building.

    Julia’s role was particularly instrumental in the move which brought workers from the three firms together in one location so that they could work collaboratively on Plan B of the B41 contract. Her duties included managing the diary for the site Project Manager, supporting the management team in the preparation of high quality documents including PowerPoint presentations, charts and reports and managing travel and hotel bookings for the team.

    Julia was also responsible for assisting the Resource Manager in administration of the recruitment and induction processes, devising, reviewing and improving administrative systems and ways of working.

    In August 2014 as part of our ongoing contractor care policy we had a routine catchup with Julia after moving back to the Daresbury site from Irlam where she was subcontracted for five months. During our conversation we asked Julia how she was getting on and we were thrilled to hear her response. Not only had Julia taken the initiative to go and ask her colleagues for feedback on her job performance but the level of acknowledgment that she got back from her peers was truly impressive.

    Out of a large number of positive testaments given about Julia’s performance we thought the following were particularly note-worthy:

    “The single word that best describes the support Julia provides is exemplary.” – David, Training, Reliability, Availability and Maintenance (T-RAM) Discipline Lead

    “Julia is extremely efficient and courteous. I have noticed that whenever possible she will correspond with people face to face in order to converse and solve any issues which may arise directly. Whilst she always responds promptly to e-mail correspondence and if she can’t help you, she will go above and beyond to point you in the direction of someone who can.” – Paul, Senior Mechanical Engineer

    “The athletic support Julia has given us over the last 4 months has been nothing short of remarkable.” Colin, Lead Process Engineer

    “Julia makes a hard job look easy and she always manages to keep on smiling – well done.” Ivan, Mechanical Engineer

    Greg Compton, Director of NRL, said “It’s great to hear that one of the candidates we placed is truly excelling in their role and adding value to one of our client’s projects. The amount of positive feedback Julia received acts as a testament not only to her work ethic but also to the integrity she upholds when faced with a challenging situation and the quality of service she provides as a contractor. I commend Julia in her performance and I am pleased to see that her dedication and expertise have been recognised by her colleagues.”