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  • Investigating the World Cup: Sharing Your Expertise and Knowledge of the Industry – Part 5

    NRL_Recruitment_Consultants_Knowledge_Hub_World_Cup_4_BannerAs the end of Round 16 commenced yesterday with Argentina playing Switzerland and Belgium facing the USA, we wanted to discuss the importance of maximizing the diversity within your team through actively sharing expertise and knowledge.

    Whatever industry you are in it is important to work together with your colleagues as a cross-functional team incorporating members from different areas of your business to take advantage of the diverse perspectives, backgrounds, skill sets and talents of various employees. Whilst it is also important in a team to have an appropriate balance between new employees who have lots of potential but not a lot of experience and more-accomplished individuals who can remain calm in challenging situations.

    In football players with more experience of playing in high profile games such as Martin Demichellis and Yaya Toure often act as mentors to less experienced players like Jack Rodwell and Maltija Nastasic during the football league. Toure, 31 recently expressed that he would be only be too happy to pass on advice to Rodwell, 23 from the experiences he has gained playing in some of the top teams in Europe and Africa.

    Toure was quoted as saying; “When you’ve played for a club like that it’s very important to talk with the young players and pass on your experience”. It was also recently reported in the media that the players in the Greece team turned down their World Cup bonuses and requested that the money to be used instead to build a new training centre for the team.

    In the world of recruitment, it is becoming increasingly important to have cross-functional teams who work from different operating locations but can also come together to share ideas and skills to reach a consolidated business objective. The main goal for our teams at NRL is not just to fill a role, but to help our candidates to develop their careers; focusing on how individuals can add value to an organisation.

    When it comes to sourcing a role that is right for you, our teams at NRL are not only able to pair your abilities to a suitable position, but they also continue to support candidates even after they have been placed in a role. As a business we pride ourselves on providing true expertise and for us this means making sure that our candidates needs are met at whatever stage they are at in their careers; whether they are just starting out in the world of employment or looking for a new challenge we can provide the right support and advice.

    Are you looking to put your skills to the test?

    At NRL, we have dedicated account managers who are experts in their fields, so if you are starting to look for a new career and would like some helpful advice and support, please contact one of our branches today. Our teams will be more than happy to help you in your search and we will always act in your best interest, sharing our knowledge and expertise to help you find an exciting role in a company where you can truly add value.

    Alternatively you can view and apply for some of our latest job roles by visiting our vacancies page.