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  • Employers Plan To Hire More Staff and Temporary Workers


    A recent Jobs Outlook report from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) showed that employers are gaining confidence in the economy and as a result are planning to hire more staff. This positive trend in the UK economy spans across both permanent and temporary workers in the short- and medium-term with around 80% of employers looking to recruit permanent staff in the next year and 44% looking for contractors.

    Key statistics:

    • 40% employers plan to increase the use of agency staff in the next year
    • 83% of employers intend to add a permanent headcount in the next quarter
    • Temporary employment numbers have increased by 96k to 1.64m

    Young professionals and graduates are also seeing an increasingly positive outlook as 64% of employers have recruited a young person (under 25) in the last year. Employers have stated that graduates’ academic qualifications are less important than their attitude which 47% of employers found to be the most influential factor when looking to hire someone from this demographic.

    The engineering and managerial professions are experiencing short-term buoyancy but the REC highlighted potential challenges within the engineering and technical sectors, stating that:

    • 25% of employers state that they expect to see a shortage of skills in the technical and engineering sector
    • 82% of employers state that they use agency workers to provide short-term access to key strategic skills
    • Falling numbers in the amount of employers wanting permanent over temporary hire (91% to 56%) shows how dominant the need for short-term skilled workers is

    The skills gap is becoming increasingly challenging to overcome within engineering and technical sectors but encouraging new figures regarding the growth of temporary staff employment should help to distribute the required skills more effectively.

    Emma Lowden, NRL Divisional Manager, commented on the report: “The figures reported by the REC are extremely positive and encouraging. Growth in both temporary and permanent employment could help give the UK economy a boost and the current buoyancy in engineering and managerial professions is great news for both our clients and candidates.”

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