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    Cover Letter Basics – 5 Tips To Get Your Cover Letter Noticed

    Did you know that your cover letter is the gateway to your CV?  A poorly written cover letter could mean all of your hard work is thrown onto the reject pile without as much as a second glance.  If you have spent hours perfecting your CV, it makes sense to pay the same attention to your cover letter.  Here are a few covering letter tips to get you started.


    1. Name That Job


    If you are applying for several different jobs at the same time, you need to take particular care with your cover letter.  Make sure that you name the job you are applying for, and whatever you do, don’t mention the wrong job role in a cover letter.  That is a sure fire route to instant rejection.


    2. Don’t Peak Too Soon


    Don’t use your cover letter to repeat what is already on your CV.  Your cover letter should entice a potential employer to look at your CV and want to find out more about you and what you can do.  Make sure you write a new cover letter for each job you are applying for.  It’s fine to use a template but make sure you mention the company name in your letter and address it to the right person.  It’s a good idea to start with a very basic template and to build this up for every job you apply for.


    3. A Matter of Style


    The layout and style of your cover letter are so important.  If you are unsure how to lay out your letter or you have never written one before, these tips should help.


    • Address your letter to a real person – get a name if you can.  If you cannot get a name, open with ‘Dear Sir or Madam’.
    • Always refer to the job for which you are applying.
    • Give a brief overview of what you are doing now and why you think you are a good fit for the job you are applying for.  Make these words count as they are a great way to lead into your CV.
    • If you are unsure of layout take a look at some of the sample cover letters available online.


    4.  Check, Check and Check Again


    Spell check and proofread your work before sending it out.  Ask a friend, family member or your recruitment agent to read your letter for you.  Just one small typo could be enough to have that rejection letter winging its way to you.  If you are sending your CV and cover letter via email, make sure that you spell check the email too.  Don’t fall at the first hurdle!


    5. Send The Letter To Yourself


    This is a great way of checking everything before you send it to a prospective employer.  Attach your cover letter and CV to an email and send it to yourself.  That way you can check the formatting of each document and ensure everything appears as it should.


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