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    IR35 in the private sector


    For clients considering their strategic approach to IR35, NRL Director Daniel Redmayne discusses the importance of staying true to your company values and culture.


    As businesses began to prepare for the IR35 Private Sector reform we saw more and more of the larger blue-chip companies adopting a decision to cease working with Limited Company contractors. Whilst this strategy will certainly ensure they remain compliant through the eyes of HMRC, it does leave a somewhat unsettling thought that it’s perhaps contradictory to their company values and culture.

    Aligned to our values

    For NRL our values have always been at the root of how we do business. Long before we formalised them with set terminology and branding, we were delivering them each and every day – without even thinking about it.

    Care, openness, integrity, professionalism, commerciality and accountability – they all have the same thing in common – doing the right thing.

    As legislative changes such as IR35 head into our sector, it’s these values that guide our own strategy – the need to do the right thing, no matter how complex or difficult.

    For clients facing tough legal and financial decisions around their engagement of Limited Company contractors, they also need to ensure that any decisions they make are aligned to their own company values. People do business with people, so contractors will need to feel they can trust clients and know that they are being engaged on a fair basis.

    Staying true to your culture

    It’s crucial to remember that the strategy you decide on will impact your contractor community. Blanket approaches such as opting not to work with Limited Companies will cause a strong reaction for many contractors. For projects in industries such as construction, civil engineering and power generation, organisations need the niche and specialist skills that contractors can provide. How organisations navigate the tough decisions IR35 throws at them, will be reflected in a contractor’s perception of their business – so to tackle IR35 effectively it’s important that changes are steered by company values and culture.


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