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  • NRL Rail Signalling Engineer Takes Time Off to Volunteer for the Commonwealth Games


    John Kennedy, a Rail Signalling Engineer from NRL’s Grangemouth office, is taking a month off from his regular position to volunteer within his home city of Glasgow as they welcome the Commonwealth Games 2014.

    His role within the games will be to chauffeur athletes, referees and officials around the many venues and training grounds to make sure that everything runs on schedule. Around 15,000 volunteers chosen from 50,000 applicants will be journeying to Glasgow from all over the Commonwealth to help out at the world class, multi-sports event.

    John commented on the games saying:

    “I am very much looking forward to it. I’m a Glasgow boy born and bred and I felt like it was time to give something back to the place that I grew up in. I’m in a position that I can do that and it felt like the right thing to do.”


    This is the first time the competition, also known as the ‘Friendly Games’, has been to Glasgow. Their three core values ‘humanity, equality and destiny’ help to inspire and unite millions of people and are used as a means to improve society and the general wellbeing of individuals across the globe. The games also encourage sports participation and assists in education via sports development.

    At NRL, as part of our CSR programme, we promote community involvement and actively encourage our staff to take part in opportunities such as these. We operate a one day charity policy to allow for all employees to dedicate one day per year to help or volunteer for a charity or cause of their choice.

    Though John will be unable to attend the games themselves due to his duties, he has purchased lawn bowls tickets for his mother and aunts in order to make this a family occasion.