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  • Climb the career ladder – Apply for prestigious contracts to enhance your CV

    Climb the career ladder

    If you’re looking to progress your career in 2019 then we take a look at how switching to contracting could be the key to climbing the career ladder.

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    Make your own opportunities

    If you’re in a permanent role, you can often find it difficult to identify opportunities to develop new skills or take on more senior roles. If you’re working for a good company, then job vacancies don’t often come up which makes it difficult to secure a much-deserved promotion.

    To climb the career ladder some engineers and trade professionals choose to switch to self-employment as a contractor to help them progress.

    The benefits of contracting

    By taking on more responsibility or working on high-profile prestigious projects, this additional experience can help enhance your CV.

    Working on a project by project basis means you’ll quickly boost your expertise and help keep your CV up to date and relevant. You’ll also have the chance to network and get to meet more people within your sector, which could provide vital endorsements and recommendations for future roles.

    Future employers will see that you’ve successfully managed several projects and contract roles, demonstrating your ability to use your initiative and support a wider team.

    Interested in contracting but not sure how to make the move?

    We’ve pulled together a helpful guide to explain everything you need to know about contracting, from payroll to insurance requirements to help get you on the ladder to success.

    Download the eBook: Making the Switch to Contracting

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