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    How To Build a Personal Brand

    When we think of the term ‘brand’ we usually think of businesses and the advertising that companies do to achieve higher exposure. Although we don’t usually think of branding ourselves in the same way.


    Why Does a Personal Brand Matter? 

    A personal brand is very important as it can define how people see you, as well as your reputation, how you work and your employability. Are you an expert in your field? Can you be trusted? How do you present yourself? Your brand defines what people think of you when they hear your name.

    If you have been working for a few years you will have no doubt established a personal brand already. Many people will know who you are, know what you do for a living and may be interested in employing you if your reputation is good enough. But what if you have not built a personal brand or you want to make your brand stronger and/or more appealing? What can you do?


    1. Control Your Personal Brand

    Your personal brand is built from what people think about you and how they react to you. It is largely shaped by how you present yourself to others. The good news is that you can have total control over your personal brand, as you can manage:


    • Your appearance and how you carry yourself in public.
    • Your expertise and how you can place yourself ahead of everybody else.
    • How you deal with problems in the workplace and outside.
    • How you interact with your colleagues and clients.


    2.  Build Your Online Brand

    Many employers check out potential job candidates online and therefore it has never been more important to present yourself in a professional light over the web.  A solid and well populated LinkedIn profile is a great way to market yourself and is often one of the first places that potential employers will look to find more information about you. By keeping your LinkedIn profile up to date and full of engaging and impressive information about yourself, your achievements and your career goals, you can build your brand effortlessly and set yourself apart from other people such as your colleague’s and other candidates who may also be applying for the same position or something similar.


    3.  Continue Learning to Improve Your Brand

    Building a good personal brand means never just settling for what you have already accomplished and instead looking to build on your current achievements and skillset. Keep learning and updating your knowledge so that your brand is as strong and as fresh as it can possibly be. Make yourself irresistible to future employers and entice them with your personal brand so that they are in a position where they want to find out more about you and what you can do for their business.

    Personal branding has never been more important. When dozens of people are applying for the same job, your brand could make you stand out head and shoulders above the rest.


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