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  • Investigating the World Cup: Attack and Defence – Part 4


    As we are coming to the final round of the first group phase often referred to as the ‘Knockout Stage’, we are looking back at the attack and defence strategies that have aided the teams who have successfully made it into the second group stages and exploring how these tactics have a role in recruitment.


    Creating a winning team in both the recruitment and football industries is all about establishing a suitable balance between attack and defence; youth and experience. In football attack is about successfully getting around your opponents so that you can score a goal but doing so in a tactful and strategic way. Luis Suarez demonstrated how to follow through on an attack in England’s recent game against Uruguay when he anticipated that a header from Gerrard would result in the ball being played into his path and took advantage of the situation by setting himself up behind Jagielka ready to run with the ball and strike it past Joe Hart into the back of the net.

    In Recruitment, attack is very much about thinking on your feet and being in a position where you can react to situations as they unfold. For example if a prospective client gets in touch with NRL in the morning asking us if we can fill a challenging vacancy that requires an immediate start, our consultants need to respond quickly and overcome any challenges they may be confronted with in order to get back to the client with suitable candidates. The best form of attack in the world of recruitment will always be to endeavour to outshine and do better than your competitors and at NRL we aim to do this by delivering a tailored service to both our clients and candidates, providing what we call “true expertise”.


    In football defence is all about keeping hold of the ball to prevent the opposition from attacking and ultimately scoring a goal against your team. A good example of a team that has shown solid defence so far throughout their games in the knockout stage is Mexico, who weren’t initially expected to be one of the stand-out performers in their group. The team missed out on the top spot in their category solely due to a lower goal-difference of 3 to Brazil’s 5, although they did finish with only one goal scored against them in three games a feat that was only matched by prominent teams Belgium and Costa Rica. The team’s success in part was credited to their goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa, who even against a dominant team like Brazil managed to command control of his area, pull off point blank saves and co-ordinate with the defence ahead of him to earn Mexico a 0-0 draw.

    In recruitment, defence is similarly all about keeping on top of your game and maintaining a high level of service so that you stand out against your competitors. It is important for recruitment consultants to have the ability not only to work effectively on their own but also with others or in a team environment. At NRL, to ensure that our employees can work to the best of their abilities as individuals, we offer consistent guidance and support to our staff, conduct regular reviews and provide training courses to ensure that they can continue to develop not only in their career but also on a personal level. In addition, we also encourage and actively promote team building holding regular meetings to create discussion and enable open communication between employees and management.