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  • A day in the life of an apprentice

    NRL_Recruitment_Consultants_Knowledge_Hub_A_Day_in_The_Life_of_An_Apprentice_BannerI’m Jamie a marketing apprentice at NRL who has been working at the company for the past 4 months. I perform a variety of tasks every day and as well as having my own set of responsibilities to take care of every day I am also given different projects to work on and assist with. This is a timeline of what a day is like for me at NRL.


    8:10am – I arrive at the office slightly before the day officially kicks off. This gives me the chance to get set up and grab a cup of coffee to start the day off right.

    8:30am – Coffee in hand, I return to my desk. It’s time for me to complete the company’s marketing and website reports for the previous week. This helps me learn how the marketing strategies we are using are working. I decide to start on the marketing report first.

    8:35am – I check some analytics for the website and do some quick research to compare it against competitors. I also make notes of any interaction on social media, advertising campaigns, updates to the website or projects the marketing team has started working on.

    9:00am – With the marketing report finished, I open up Google Analytics to collect some data about the website. I locate important stats and information about the website’s performance and enter the data into my monthly website spreadsheet. This helps me see if the content we have been uploading to the website recently is working effectively.

    9:30am – With the reports out of the way, I send them off for approval. I then begin to work on a piece of content about tips for job seekers which I intend to upload onto the website today. Writing content is a very important part of the job and it’s good for me to practice writing things for our viewers.

    11:00am – After making some changes and putting the final touches on, I finish writing the content. I log on to the website and begin to format it, add an image and take care of the SEO. Optimising the page is a crucial part as it determines how many people will see it.

    11:30 – I take one final look at the work I’ve done and get a colleague to approve it before I hit the “Publish” button.

    11:45 – I am asked to format a tender for one of the company’s directors. I open the document and take a look at it. I need to change and update some of the information and brand the tender. Doing design work is always enjoyable and helps with my understanding of the brand.

    1:00pm – I ask my colleagues if they think the tender looks good. After their go-ahead, I send the newly branded document back to the director and go for my lunch break so that I can take a break and recharge for a bit.

    2:00pm – Now back from lunch, I am given some design work to do – a chance to improve my skills at using the various Adobe products on my computer. I need to mock up a booklet to be given to clients, so I start up my Photoshop and InDesign programs and get to work.

    3:30 – After thinking of concepts, editing some images and logos and thinking of text to put in the booklet, I save the finished product. I print a copy of the booklet so that I can perform a final proofread of it and ensure that the design looks professional.

    3:40pm – I continue to work on a project I was handed recently. I have been given the responsibility of managing NRL’s participation in an upcoming event. I continue to carry out research and update my plan with new ideas. My colleagues also give me some guidance and advice which I take into account.

    5:00pm – Home time. After another successful day at the office, I collect my belongings and head home.


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