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In our support at work section you can find our how NRL can support your career from health and safety through to your pay and compliance.

  • How to get the most out of your job

    June 27, 2016

    It’s easy to turn up to work every day, put in your hours, then forget about your job until the next morning. In fact, it’s so easy that this is exactly what most people choose to do with their careers. The problem is that “just getting by” won’t prepare you to move forward with your […]

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  • Putting Your Safety First

    December 12, 2014

    The safety and security of our candidates and our clients’ businesses is a top priority at NRL. We work to actively manage threats by identifying potential risks and dealing with them appropriately. We value openness and uphold this by always being honest with our candidates and keeping them thoroughly informed about the destinations they will […]

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  • Looking After Your Health

    The health and well-being of our candidates is a top priority. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide ‘Expertise at Work’ by ensuring that all candidates placed are medically fit and can perform their roles to their full potential. Whilst our candidates are working abroad we conduct regular health checks to reduce the risk […]

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  • International Mobilisation Services

    At NRL we are able share our expertise on a range of geographic locations and cultures as well as providing professional mobilisation advice. Our experience comes from handling projects across demanding, remote locations in West Africa and Asia to more mature and fast-paced markets elsewhere. We pride ourselves on being specialists in our industry. This […]

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