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  • NRL joins CENE

    January 4, 2017

    NRL has become a member of Constructing Excellence in the North East (CENE), which is charged with driving the change agenda in construction, housing and regeneration. As a member of CENE, NRL has shown its commitment to the principles of Construction excellence and will be playing an integral role in continuing to develop improvements in […]

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  • Happy staff means happy clients

    September 23, 2016

    At NRL, we’re keen to reward our staff and celebrate their hard work and achievements on a regular basis. It’s one of the reasons why we’ve introduced additional rewards for long-serving members of staff. Whenever a member of our team reaches 10, 15, 20 or 25 years of service, we reward them with a holiday […]

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  • Could mini nuclear plants be the key to the UK’s energy woes?

    August 31, 2016

    Britain may have found the answer to its power crunch in a range of new nuclear plants called Small Modular Reactors (SMRs). These SMRs utilise the same technology behind major new build plants, but scaled down to a sample of the size – so much so that it has been proposed that every town could […]

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  • Could North Sea oil workers find solace in the nuclear industry?

    July 13, 2016

    It’s no surprise that oil & gas workers have had a hard time as of recent years. With the price of oil refusing to stabilise in a good spot and skilled workers struggling to find new opportunities, some contractors have become concerned with how they might be affected. Oil & gas contractors may not be […]

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  • Is it best to use multiple agencies or one sole supplier?

    May 20, 2016

    When making the decision to start a recruitment drive, one key choice a business must make is whether to engage with multiple agencies to supply their candidates or to work with a sole supplier who would manage the whole recruitment process for them. While at first glance it may seem like working with multiple agencies […]

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