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Managing the transition of engaged contractors following strategic business acquisition

Transferring contractors following acquisition

When NRL’s global engineering client completed the successful acquisition of a business entity following their strategic purchase, a large-scale project commenced to integrate the newly purchased business into the client’s group structure.

Having worked with the client for over 20 years, NRL’s team fully understood their recruitment processes and business operations – ensuring they were able to support the transition of all contracted workers from the incumbent agency quickly and efficiently.

Whilst managing the transfer of 240 contractors following a business acquisition, the team undertook the project management and communication to workers with great diligence and attention to detail. This approach is reflective of the support they consistently provide us, always going the extra mile – which did not go unrecognised.”

Head of Global Contingent Labour

The challenge

The project to integrate the newly acquired business into the client’s operations included the transition of all temporary contractors over to their recruitment supply chain, namely NRL. Upon assessment 240 contractors were identified as actively engaged and required communication and coordination to transfer over to NRL.

Our strategy

Working closely with the client, NRL’s recruitment team engaged with all active contractors out at work to introduce NRL as their new agency, and work with them to transfer their assignment over. A series on communications ensured that each contractor was kept informed throughout the process, and all new processes, such as timesheet submission, were fully understood ahead of transition.

The benefits

Following ongoing communication with the transferring contractors, NRL’s recruitment team successfully transferred all 240 contractors over to NRL – supporting them with onboarding to prepare them to submit their first week’s timesheet. Dedicated consultants within each branch were also on hand to answer any questions contractors had once they commenced work through NRL, and as they continued to settle into their new arrangement.

The successful transition of all workers was widely recognised across the client’s management team – with praise for the diligence, self-motivation and attention to detail from the recruitment team.

Once all contractors were transferred over from the incumbent agency, NRL’s clients were able to close off an important workstream within their acquisition project without any complications.

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