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Health Physics – Doosan Power Systems

A bespoke recruitment solution to address a skills shortage

In early 2012, Doosan Power Systems approached NRL with concerns that their current staffing partners were performing below expectations for their vessel entry programmes at Hunterston B and Hinkley B power stations. The current supplier stated that industry shortage was the reason for these poor performance issues.

The level of service and innovation provided by the NRL team on this project was absolutely exceptional. As were the plaudits we received from our client.

Paul, Doosan Power Systems

The challenge

In the nuclear industry, it is common knowledge that in the future, it will be even more difficult to find suitably qualified and experienced health physics workers than it is today. On the Doosan project there was a specific problem with the short gap between outages, when workers moved on to new opportunities and became unavailable for the second half of the outage.

Our strategy

NRL tendered for this work and secured a sole supply agreement. Our strategy was to recruit from within the known team of personnel that have previous knowledge and experience of vessel entry work. In order to improve the security of supply and enhance the overall size of available staff, NRL established a new and bespoke recruitment process to introduce fresh candidates in to this niche industry.

Using GAP analysis, NRL identified the total requirement for workers across the entire outage contract, and targeted a 4:1 recruitment ratio in order to fulfil the numbers that were needed. For example, 32 health physics monitors were interviewed for 8 positions. This process ensured that Doosan had enough workers to cover both outages and the deficit caused by the short break inbetween shutdowns.

The benefits

To further increase efficiency and performance, and to minimise cost, NRL recommended implementing a more streamlined timesheet process that included our bespoke online portal system.

NRL worked closely with Doosan on a worker training framework, recommending a 20% overall attendance at their Gateshead training facility in order to cover for no-shows, and predicted attrition during the outage break.

NRL successfully supplied 20 workers to the 2012 project with zero attrition, zero legal claims and all other recruitment objectives fulfilled.


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