We are trusted by our clients for our efficient, cost-effective and innovative solution. Our Welding division was created to strengthen our other well-established rail engineering services, to provide a fully integrated one-stop rail management service to the rail industry.

About our Welding service

High-quality track welding is arguably the most important provision to the rail engineering industry, and as a result, we have positioned ourselves to provide a complete service that is pro-active, reliable, timely and tailored to the client’s requirements.

By directly employing our workforce, we have the capability to react to the requirements of rail operators 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the UK. This, coupled with out ability to plan and execute all aspects of track welding means we succeed where others encounter potential issues.


Our welding services are accredited by the EWF/IIW and in conjunction with the TWI certified to the new EN ISO 3834-2 welding standard, allowing our engineers and technicians to comply with all the main industry standards. All our welds are subjected to a visual inspection in accordance with NR/L2/TRK/0032 (joining of rails by aluminothermic welding for):

  • Porosity (group of gas pores) in the ground head and/or weld collar
  • Isolated gas pores, surface cavities or inclusions in the ground/unground head or weld collar that penetrate into the rail section
  • Collar distortion
  • Incomplete collar formation
  • Black holes
  • Porosity or cracks in the contour of the head of the weld

Every weld cast has full traceability via a weld installation form (submitted to the client & retained) and is also recorded on our internal welding database.

For all non-compliant welds that don’t comply with NR/L2/TRK/0032, the welder will complete a non-conformance form to be signed off by the person in charge of the worksite. The welder will ensure the form is handed in.


The welding services we supply are identified below:

  • All aspects of track renewals welding
  • All aspects of maintenance welding
  • Network Rail approved aluminothermic welding teams (Railtech & Thermit process)
  • Weld Inspection Capability
  • Specialised Groove Rail Welding Capacity for light transit projects
  • Dedicated scrap rail burning teams
  • Specialised Crane Rail welding capabilities
  • Weld planning