New Year, Fresh…


Have you made a New Year’s resolution to refresh your career and reach new goals? Maybe you’re looking to branch out into a different sector, or perhaps the location you work in warrants a change?

Whatever your reason to seek out a new opportunity, we’re here to help.


Looking for a change of lifestyle? Making the move from employee to contractor signals a big change in your work-life balance. One of the major advantages of contracting is the flexibility involved in being your own boss – you get the freedom to pick and choose the projects you work on and build your career as you see fit. The trade-off is that you will be taking on much more responsibility for your work, and it’s important to stay up-to-date with your industry in order to remain a contractor of choice for potential clients.

If you’re looking to get started in the world of contracting, take a look at our New Year, Fresh Approach section to access our free e-book and blogs which will help guide you along the path to freelancing.

Ever considered working abroad? The opportunity to explore a new culture and experience a change of lifestyle is certainly lucrative, but there’s a lot to consider if you’re thinking of making the move away – taxation, visas and insurance to name a few – and that’s just on the work side of things! The trade-off is that there are many great benefits to working abroad – you’ll have the opportunity to work on interesting, high-profile projects which will look great on your CV and open up plenty of new opportunities regardless of whether or not you decide to return.

If you think a change of location is just what you need to reignite the spark in your career, our New Year, Fresh Start page contains an online guide and articles on how you can do just that.


Keep an eye out on this page in the coming weeks for tips and advice on more ways you could refresh your career.